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Infino Technologies provides comprehensive business solutions by using technology. Mobile app and website development, IoT solutions, upgrade business server and database are our daily tasks. In order to prepare sufficient workforce in science and technology field in future, we have a mission on provide quality STEM education to primary and secondary students in Malaysia. We are developing an enhanced STEM education platform for students to learn about science and technology including robotics. Join us to prepare your children in future to stand on highly technological world.

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What We Provide

Competition Experience

Our mentor previously participated in variety of world class robotic competition and are here to guide you to win to coming next robotic competition

University Standards

Mentors graduated from Malaysia Top University with a honor in engineering degree who making sure the education system is on tip top condition

Learning Material

We will cover most of the learning materials that you need

Face To Face Guiding

Mentor will guide you through out the whole learning process with face to face guiding method

Learning Environment

Student will abale to learn,experience and working as a team with other students which spice up peer competition for better learning experience.


Students will aslo undergo certain test to make sure our learning materials has been delivered to students effectively

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